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Water Resources


To protect California’s waters for present and future generations, the state ensures the protection of surface and groundwater quality and balances competing demands on water resources. The Regional Water Quality Control Boards and the State Water Board ensure the protection of water quality by pursuing priority actions such as water quality control plans, standards, and general permits. Investments in local resources include the development of infrastructure for water recycling, desalination, and groundwater recovery and storage, in addition to conservation programs, water use efficiency projects, and more effective management of water resources through banking and transfers.


Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is experienced with siting and permitting water infrastructure projects such as reservoirs, pumping stations, infiltration basins, sewer systems and pipelines, from initial site characterization to project approval, construction, and mitigation monitoring. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has the expertise to bring water resource projects through the entitlement process successfully and cost-effectively through cooperative relationships with federal, state, regional, and local project approval and permitting agencies.





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