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Venice Dual Force Main Construction Monitoring and Environmental Compliance

City of LA Bureau of Engineering

County of Los Angeles, CA

The Venice Dual Force Main Project involves the construction of a new 54-inch-diameter force main sewer extending approximately 1.9 miles from a manifold adjacent to the Venice Pumping Plant on the westerly bank of the Grand Canal in the community of Venice. From the manifold, the alignment will proceed east under the Grand Canal to the Marina del Rey entrance channel. It will then cross beneath the Marina del Rey Channel and Ballona Creek and end in Vista Del Mar. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. provides environmental compliance monitoring for construction areas located at each shaft for traffic control, site preparations, excavation, tunneling, and demobilization. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is in charge of third-party inspection of submittals and oversight monitoring of an acoustic/noise and vibration consultant, arborist, archaeologist, biologist, Native American monitor, and paleontologist.


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