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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans


Water runoff from cities, highways, industrial facilities and construction sites can carry pollutants that harm water quality and impair the beneficial uses of waters. The State Water Resources Control Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have regulated the runoff and treatment of stormwater in industrial, municipal and residential areas of California. The effort falls into several distinct categories with the same goal to use stormwater as a resource and to reduce harmful pollutants, fertilizers, debris and other materials carried into storm drains, drainage systems and ultimately rivers, lakes, and oceans. Stormwater is an important resource, and Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure techniques are now capitalizing on opportunities in California. The goal is to capture the water that runs off concrete and non-permeable surfaces and use it, for example, to water trees, plants, and other living things on the same plot of land from which it would flow away. Groundwater supplies are replenished, too, and the amount of pollutants in waterways is reduced.


Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has been instrumental in ensuring that numerous large construction and industrial projects remain in compliance with stormwater runoff regulations.



SWPPP Services


• SWPPP document development

• SMARTS data entry (file permit registration documents)

• Weekly compliance inspections

• Quarterly non-stormwater inspections

• Rain Event Action Plans

• Pre-, during, and post-qualifying rain event inspection

• Annual Certification Report

• Ongoing SWPPP training

• SWPPP amendments

• Sampling and analysis


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