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Recreation and Open Space


Recreational facilities and parks create opportunities for people to access open space, natural resources, outdoor education, and new environments. More than simply providing beautiful scenery, open spaces contribute to local economies and property values, improve air quality and water quality, and reduce flooding and contaminated runoff.


Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has contributed to the planning, entitlement, environmental documentation, construction monitoring, and operations manuals for over 200 park facilities. Among many other projects, Sapphos Environmental, Inc. prepared the Los Angeles County Trails Manual for use in managing the approximately 242 miles of proposed and existing trails in the County; the Santa Susana Mountains Trails Master Plan; and the Los Angeles County Parks Needs Assessment and Strategic Asset Management Plan. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has also successfully worked on a variety of golf course projects, including the entitlement of the Angeles National Golf Course and the refurbishment of the Victoria Golf Course. These efforts have included coordination with numerous agencies, including the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State Department of Parks and Recreation, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and county and city recreation departments.






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