Perris Valley Rail Line


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Perris Valley Line Section 404 Nationwide Permit

Riverside County Transportation Commission

Riverside County, CA

An updated jurisdictional delineation and application for authorization under Nationwide Permit No. 14 was completed and submitted on behalf of the Riverside County Transportation Commission to facilitate ongoing operations and maintenance activity of 27 culverts under the Perris Valley Rail Line. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife authorized the operations and maintenance activities under Section 1600 of the State Fish and Game Code. Similarly, the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board authorized the work under Section 401 of the federal Clean Water Act. Construction of the Perris Valley Line began in October 2013, and service was initiated in June 2016. Mitigation of temporary and permanent impacts was accomplished through an in-lieu fee, documentation of BMPs and mitigation in accordance with the 401 and 1600 permits.


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