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Parks Needs Assessment, Park Facilities and Areas of Jurisdiction,

and Strategic Asset Management Plan

Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office

Los Angeles County, CA

The Parks Needs Assessment was undertaken to determine the condition of Los Angeles County park and recreation facilities and programs so that a realistic plan could be embarked upon to bolster areas of strength and ameliorate areas of need. Approximately 108 existing county park facilities were mapped using existing CAD drawings and/or high-resolution aerial imagery. Another GIS-based component was a demographic analysis for future parks needs based on a 20-year horizon to meet the diverse requirements of county residents and visitors. The Parks Needs Assessment resulted in an updated Parks Facilities and Areas of Jurisdiction, Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP), and digital photographic and video record. Population projections and ethnic distribution were integrated into the census tract to develop parks facility needs based on future population growth. The SAMP included the 5-, 10-, and 20-year strategic plans.

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