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Paleontological Resources


Paleontological resources are the fossilized remains of organisms and their traces on the environment, such as burrows, footprints, and root cavities. They are vastly important to understanding Earth’s ecological, climatological, and evolutionary history. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is experienced in the protection of such resources through compliance with federal and state paleontological resources regulations. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has completed paleontological resources reports for numerous NEPA and CEQA compliance documents. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is experienced in providing paleontological resources database records searches, paleontological resources construction monitoring and monitoring plans, paleontological resources technical reports, and paleontological resources sensitivity modeling.


Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has completed paleontological fossil recovery for multiple projects throughout Los Angeles County, including wet screening for marine invertebrates. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is committed to ensuring the proper curation of paleontological resources within accredited institutions that maintain paleontological collections for archival storage and/ or display.



Paleontological Resources Services


• Paleontological resources sensitivity modeling

• Paleontological resources construction monitoring

• Paleontological Resources Monitoring Plans

• Paleontological Resources Technical Reports

• Paleontological resources record searches



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