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Musselshell Renewable Energy Projects

Goldwind USA, Inc.

Wheatland County, Montana

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. provided biological consulting services to Goldwind USA, Inc. for the Musselshell Renewable Energy Projects, comprising two 10-megawatt wind energy generation facilities in Wheatland County, Montana. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. worked in conjunction with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to resolve any biological issues and follow designated protocols. Biologists conducted surveys, including aerial raptor surveys, on the projects to evaluate potential impacts. In addition, biologists installed acoustic detectors to monitor on-site bat activity. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. prepared a Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy to address procedures to avoid and minimize impacts to birds and bats and their habitats and describe strategies to compensate or mitigate for impacts. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. also prepared a Worker Education and Awareness Program to provide information on sensitive species that workers could encounter.


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