Manzana Wind Energy Project


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Manzana Wind Energy Project


Kern County, CA

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. prepared technical reports including air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, noise, and visual resources in support of this 300-MW project on 5,820 acres in Kern County. The firm also performed peer review on the EIR and testified before the Kern County Planning Commission. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. performed comprehensive biological resources studies that included habitat assessment, wetland delineation, and surveys for birds, bats, desert tortoise, burrowing owl, Mohave ground squirrel, and oak tree and other special-status species. The firm also prepared an application for a Streambed Alteration Agreement. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. performed monitoring throughout the construction phase. Additionally, the firm prepared a Joshua Tree Impact Plan to demonstrate compliance with the Mitigation Monitoring Program.


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