Longden Reservoir


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Longden Reservoir Replacement Project EIR

San Gabriel County Water District

Los Angeles County, CA

Sapphos Environmental prepared an EIR for the San Gabriel County Water District to construct the Longden Reservoir, Van Nuys Reservoir, Van Nuys Booster Pump Station, and the 24-inch Parallel Pipeline Project. The San Gabriel County Water District determined the need to improve the District’s water storage capacity and water transfer capability. Major project elements included improvement in infrastructure and facilities through the construction of the 4.2-million-gallon Longden Reservoir; the 6-million-gallon Van Nuys Reservoir; and a new pump station. The project included construction of a 24-inch parallel pipeline connecting the two reservoirs and consisting of 7,000 linear feet of water pipeline in secondary arterial streets, residential streets, and across a high school parking lot within an existing easement in the cities of San Marino and San Gabriel.


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