Hyundai Automotive Test Course Site Plan


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Hyundai Automotive Test Course

Hyundai Motor America

Kern County, CA

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. was retained by Hyundai Motor America to prepare an EIR for the Redevelopment Area Expansion, Detachment, Annexation, Sphere of Influence Amendment, and General Plan Update with the Housing Element for the Hyundai Automotive Test Course Project. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. also conducted protocol surveys for desert tortoise and Mohave ground squirrel. The firm subsequently completed the Environmental Assessment and Habitat Conservation Plan in support of an incidental take permit. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. also prepared an application for a Streambed Alteration Agreement. The City Council of California City approved the project. Defenders of Wildlife and the Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against the USFWS over permits issued to Hyundai Motor America and California City, but the lawsuit was settled in favor of the project applicant.

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