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Hollywood Bowl

County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation
County of Los Angeles, CA

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. prepared an EIR for the Hollywood Bowl Shell Rehabilitation and Acoustical Improvements Project, which proposed replacement of the Shell with a new design reflective of the 1929 Shell. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. provided litigation support demonstrating that all possible alternatives related to conservation of the 1929 acoustical shell had been adequately analyzed in the EIR. The Supreme Court, Appellate Court, and Superior Court ruled in favor of Los Angeles County in all aspects of the litigation. Since preparing the EIR, Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has provided ongoing services at the Hollywood Bowl including peer review of the Hollywood Bowl Design Guidelines, design review, archaeological and paleontological construction monitoring, preparation of a nomination of the Hollywood Bowl to the National Register of Historic Places, and noise monitoring.



Noise Services

• Noise monitoring (Larson Davis Spark 706 Type II Sound Level Meter)

• Noise modeling (SoundPLAN and WindPRO software)

• Noise analysis and reporting

• Baseline noise determination

• Construction noise monitoring

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