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GIS provides a geography-based, spatial approach to problem solving and thinking about environmental and planning issues. GIS has the capability of integrating knowledge from multiple sources and creating a collaborative environment for decision makers and stakeholders. In addition, GIS is attractive to most people who encounter it because it is both intuitive and cognitive. It combines a powerful visualization environment with a strong analytic and modeling framework rooted in the science of geography. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. uses GIS as an analytical tool to assess how complex environmental factors interact and relate to a project’s physical location, which is important for determining baseline conditions, project feasibility, and potential impacts.


Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is highly experienced in utilizing ESRI-based GIS software, including ArcGIS and associated extensions such as Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst. In addition to GIS, Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has professional graphics and design capability utilizing Adobe Suite. Integrating GIS expertise with graphic capabilities enables Sapphos Environmental, Inc. to create publication quality and accurate maps, data, and graphics for all work products.



GIS Services


• Constraints and suitability modeling

• Environmental resource mapping and data management

• Advanced cartography including data driven mapping for linear projects

• Viewshed analysis and photo-simulation

• Terrain modeling

• Three-dimensional modeling and visualization

• Spatial database development

• GPS field mapping


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