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Construction Monitoring


Implementation of construction monitoring activities by Sapphos Environmental, Inc. include the provision of agency-approved construction monitors for all construction activities requiring a monitor pursuant to relevant environmental regulatory guidelines, documents, and project permits. Biological construction monitoring is conducted when sensitive biological resources may be adversely impacted or when native habitat restorations require evaluation. Cultural and/or paleontological construction monitoring is conducted when there is a potential to impact important aspects of our history or pre-history. Construction monitors are present on-site prior to the initiation of construction activities and conduct reconnaissance or clearance surveys of the project area on an as-needed basis to ensure compliance with all measures of the permit(s). Construction monitors are responsible for delivering Worker Education and Awareness Programs to all personnel on-site to inform them of the potential presence of sensitive resources and to instruct them in avoiding and minimizing impacts to resources. Sapphos Environmental, Inc.’s goal is to keep construction projects on schedule while protecting sensitive resources; this goal is accomplished by construction monitors working diligently with construction crews to prevent noncompliance issues before they occur.



Construction Monitoring Services


• Pre-construction biological clearance sweeps

• Biological monitoring of construction near sensitive biological resources

• Cultural and paleontological monitoring of construction near sensitive resources

• Demarcation of critical or sensitive environmental areas

• Delivery of Worker Education and Awareness Programs

• Nesting bird preconstruction surveys and nest monitoring

• Fugitive dust monitoring


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