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Cascade Business Park and Golf Course

Arpen Park

Los Angeles County, CA

Silver Oaks, LLC retained Sapphos Environmental, Inc. to assist The Arpen Group (construction manager for Cascades Business Park and Golf Course) in preparing and implementing a Wildlife Relocation and Monitoring Program to demonstrate compliance with Condition No. 42 for Tentative Tract No. 45863. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. conducted baseline wildlife surveys. As a result of the discovery of two coastal California gnatcatchers, including a female, additional surveys were conducted. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. completed a Habitat Conservation Plan in support of issuance of an after-the-fact permit for incidental take pursuant to Section 10(a) of the federal Endangered Species Act. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. concluded that the coastal California gnatcatchers were most likely transient individuals and not occupying or breeding at the project site and did not constitute the presence of occupied habitat at the site.


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