Company Culture

The most valuable resource at Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is the collective knowledge of the people who work here. The staff at Sapphos Environmental, Inc. represents a diverse array of experience, interests, cultures, and ages. The company culture reflects this diversity. Close interaction and open communication between employees is absolutely necessary for successful project completion. Project managers and senior staff are easily accessible.


Office attire is smart business casual, dressed up or down, depending on the occasion (business suits/dresses for client meetings; button up shirts, blouses, slacks and/or dresses otherwise). On Fridays, a casual dress code is followed. Personnel participating in fieldwork have an altogether different dress code suitable to the environments of the field.



Work Hard

The work here is not only interesting but important: The firm helps clients make smart decisions that balance the achievement of project objectives with existing environmental laws and regulations, resulting in a better project. It is demanding, exacting, detail-oriented work, work that requires use of all available resources, including the knowledge, training, and creativity of each employee. Working hours vary depending on project timelines, but no employee is expected to work to the point of burnout.



Live Well

The firm is committed to delivering consulting services and environmental documentation that are above the industry standards for technical accuracy and reliability, but also believes in a work-life balance. It is clearly understood that people have lives that include work as a component.



Get Smart

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is an avid promoter of education. The academic training of employees is invaluable and encourages growth in their respective fields of expertise. In-house training sessions are held at monthly all-staff meetings, in addition to paid participation to conferences and professional associations.



Get Involved

The firm believes that each employee has a responsibility to work for the common good. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. regularly participates in community service organizations and events, such as the Revlon Run-Walk supporting breast cancer research, the American Diabetes Association Walk for Diabetes, Friends of the LA River cleanup events, and other organizations that provide charitable assistance to local families.




Current Openings

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