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Biological Resources


The conservation and wise management of California’s diverse ecological and biological resources is driven by many of the social, economic, and land use decisions that face the world today. Federal, state, and local regulatory agencies have adopted increasingly stringent environmental standards. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. combines scientific expertise with in-depth knowledge of permitting and compliance protocols to achieve technically sound, cost-effective solutions for biological resources issues for a full spectrum of environmental projects.


Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has been pivotal in successfully completing the wide range of general and directed surveys for biological resources, threatened and endangered species, and wetlands issues for publicly and privately sponsored projects, including utility-scale renewable energy projects in Shasta, Kern, San Bernardino, and Santa Barbara Counties; major airports, such as Los Angeles International Airport; small- to large-scale transportation projects, including highway widening and bridge improvement projects; parks and golf courses; and master-planned communities and mixed-use developments.



Biological Resources Services


• Habitat assessment

• Plant community mapping

• Protocol surveys for State- and federally listed rare, threatened, and endangered species

• Preparation of applications, permits, and delineations pursuant to Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 1600 of the California Fish and Game Code

• General reconnaissance and protocol-level surveys for special-status plant and wildlife species, including listed, sensitive, and locally important species

• Restoration, Revegetation, and Reclamation Plans

• Environmental document preparation pursuant to the CEQA and NEPA guidelines


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