Argo Drain Ditch


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Argo Drain Sub-Basin Facility Project

LA World Airports and City of LA Bureau of Engineering

County of Los Angeles, CA

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. was contracted to obtain necessary environmental permits for the Los Angeles World Airports and City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering Argo Drain Sub-Basin Facility Project. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. provided support on the preparation of environmental compliance documentation pursuant to NEPA and CEQA and the identification, preparation, and processing of related environmental permits and agreements. The project involved the construction of a concrete drop structure within the existing soil-bottom of the Argo Channel for diversion of the first runoff from storm events and construction of an infiltration basin north of the Westchester Parkway. As a result, the project is expected to be self-mitigating with respect to creation of permeable surfaces in the Santa Monica Bay watershed. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. provided support in preparing Municipal Planning, City Building and Safety, and Public Works permits.


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