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Air Quality and GHG Emissions


Emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases are responsible for environmental problems that have serious implications related to public health, the economy, and global climate change. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is experienced in ensuring project compliance with all federal, state, and regional air quality regulations. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has completed air quality technical reports as substantial evidence for NEPA and CEQA compliance documents. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is experienced at using air quality models approved by the California Air Resources Board, including the Urban Emissions Model (URBEMIS 2007, version 9.2.4) CalEEMod.2013.2.2, the Emission Factors (EMFAC 201107) model for mobile source emissions, and the atmospheric dispersion model AERMOD. Recognizing the importance of understanding and managing global climate change and its contributors, Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has made a commitment with the Climate Action Registry to voluntarily report the firm’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. was named a Climate Action Leader for three consecutive years.



Air Quality Services


• Air quality modeling

• Air quality permitting

• Identification and quantification of sources of greenhouse gas emissions

• Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Technical Reports

• Dust Control Plans

• Postconstruction monitoring of dust control measures


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