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Resource Management
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Resource Management
Resource Management Plans Endangered Species Evaluations
Historic Resources Adaptive Reuse and Feasibility
Habitat Delineation & Restoration Archaeological & Paleontological Resources

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. assists public and private entities in obtaining approvals, including federal, state, and local permits, for capital improvement, residential, entertainment, alternative energy, and recreation projects. The nature of these projects frequently requires the development of innovative solutions to resolve complex issues involving natural and cultural resources. The firm enjoys an excellent reputation with the regulatory oversight agencies that is critical to ensuring that resource investigations, documents, permit applications, and construction monitoring reports are processed in a timely manner. A range of services is provided by the Resources Management Group:

  • Plant community mapping, mature tree assessments, wetland delineations, and special status species surveys and related technical reports, including Biological Assessments, and Significant Ecological Area Technical Advisory Committee (SEATAC) reports
  • Design and implementation of Habitat Restoration Plans, Habitat Conservation Plans, Natural Community Conservation Plans, and Wetland Mitigation Plans
  • Records and archival research, field surveys, evaluations, mitigation and monitoring plans, and National and California Register eligibility determinations for archaeological, historical, and paleontological resources
  • Phase II and III research design and investigations and salvage plans
  • Feasibility assessments for rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic resources
  • Consultation with the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, State Offices of Historic Preservation, local preservation organizations, Native American Heritage Commission, and Native American representatives
Habitat Delineation & Restoration
Endangered Species Evaluations
Resource Management Plans
Archaeological & Paleontological Resources
Historic Resources
Adaptive Reuse and Feasibility