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Entitlement Applications LEED / Sustainable Design
Opportunity & Contraints Analysis Redevelopment / LAFCO
Master & Specific Plans Strategic Asset Management

Planning is the art of fusing creative solutions with sound implementation principles to design balanced and engaging communities for residents and visitors. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. works with public- and private-sector project proponents to develop plans that range from an individual parcel or building, to a campus, to larger specific plans and planned communities. The planning process covers a range of desired outcomes, such as redevelopment of a building or group of buildings, new or expanded educational or medical office and hospital campuses, and single- and mixed-use developments. The process is initiated with the identification of a need; definition of goals and objectives; identification of opportunities and constraints; and development, analysis, and entitlement of the plan at either the program or project level. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is available to provide planning support in several key areas:

  • Entitlement applications
  • Opportunity and constraints analysis
  • Master plans and specific plans for municipalities and redevelopment agencies, educational and health care institutions, private developers, and nonprofit organizations
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) analysis for sustainable design and certification of green buildings
  • Redevelopment and Local Agency Formation Commission annexation and detachment
  • Strategic asset management plans
Entitlement Applications
Opportunity & Contraints Analysis
Master & Specific Plans
LEED / Sustainable Design
Redevelopment / LAFCO
Strategic Asset Management