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5149 Lancaster Energy LLC Project

Lancaster Energy, LLC

Los Angeles County, CA

Sapphos Environmental Inc. is providing strategic consulting services for the 5149 Lancaster Energy LLC Project, a 42-MW solar photovoltaic (PV) facility located on 107 acres east of the City of Lancaster, in unincorporated Los Angeles County. Environmental consulting services include preparation of a mitigated negative declaration, submittal of a Biological Constraints Analysis and Biota Report to the County of Los Angeles Significant Ecological Area Technical Advisory Committee, biological and cultural resources surveys and reports, and preparation of the application for conditional use permit. The project will be developed in a manner that maintains wildlife movement between the northern slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains and the dry lake, consistent with the provisions of the Antelope Valley Significant Ecological Area, by maintaining an unencumbered wildlife movement corridor on the eastern edge of the property.


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